Recognize empowered women

Nothing excites more than seeing women who for their careers are inspiration and example to follow for other women and is that the role of women in society is becoming increasingly relevant and their performance is recognized in various areas of society for its arduous I work some with family and others going in another opinion, some with abuse and damage have required great effort to get where they are, so the importance of recognizing those who have been forging such an important advance in the city, from women teachers, doctors to the very good dentists in Tijuana have all put the harvest to grow the city.

Because we have thousands of women wondering the president of the foundation Más Mujeres de Poder, the president of the Foundation, said that in response to this important work this year, 10 women from the region will be awarded, through their professional career they have managed to stand out performing tasks that until a few years ago were exclusive to men.

At the beginning we had a list of 36 women from Tijuana and San Diego and although it was very complicated to reduce the list to only 10 women, we are sure that all women who know the trajectories and stories of the women we will recognize, will be motivated to undertake or reaffirm their professional empowerment.

He also announced the names of the women who will be recognized during the gala dinner that will take place at the beautiful and fancy Terrace of the Cosmopolitan Tower.

Finally, he mentioned that as part of his commitment to Tijuana society, part of the proceeds during the gala dinner will be allocated to the training workshops for productive projects that DIF Municipal carries out.

But even if you have a woman in your house who is dedicated to being a housewife, we invite you to premiere, take her to dinner and buy her a nice gift as they also promote the city, work just as hard as any another professional and is worthy of congratulating.