Logistics and Commerce Forum in Tijuana

To keep us informed and up-to-date we look for events in which we can learn and as in other years, BC Logistics seeks to provide the regional and national business community with an ideal setting and high added value to know first-hand the potential, advances, best practices , challenges and trends in logistics, transport and foreign trade, which allow the strengthening and competitiveness of the different productive sectors in the market, even benefiting the Tijuana Mexico dentists and all this has repercussions at a regional, national and international level.

And as all the best information comes from expert and reliable sources, that is why the event expects to have the active participation of executives, executives and professionals responsible for the areas of distribution, logistics, foreign trade, purchasing, operations and transportation of the large, medium and small companies, logistics operators, transport companies, university institutions, government entities and other actors linked to the supply chain.

In this third edition the following panels will be developed: Pacific Alliance: an alternative to the diversification of markets. The Pacific Alliance without the US it is an alternative to the diversification of the international markets of Baja, and the Port of Ensenada, with its maritime connectivity, the ideal link to reach them.

In addition, a current and interesting topic on the NAFTA in the Trump era will be touched: what can we expect? Lines of negotiation, changes in the rules of origin, linking of markets and transformations of the financial system.

Aerial connectivity: Tijuana, nascent hub of the northwest. The increasing air connectivity of the Tijuana Airport and its high industrial level generate an environment conducive to the participation of an air cargo operator that can capitalize on the existing infrastructure and take advantage of competitive costs in the movement of cargo in passenger aircraft.

Hydrocarbon Logistics: The energy solution for BC. The new challenge of storing and distributing fuels at competitive costs is an area of ​​investment opportunity for private groups. Having economies of scale will be a key factor to make the investments profitable and comply with a value proposal, where rail transport will be a key link for competitiveness.