Make your business achieve a greater impact

We all want our target audience to know us and be able to generate more sales but to make all this happen, we must have a good view of the consumer and a consistent brand experience, which will require new ideas, considerable time and investment, the Mexico Dental Network had a big change in sales by just updating their advertising..

Advertisers and their agencies should more widely mix their audience data based on brand affinity, interests and demographics. As well as they must create more synergy of media. Marketing professionals will immediately face the growing synergy of media and their potential to maximize the impact of the brand and sales.

Social networks have imposed a world where marketing is more democratic, since it does not lean too much on budgetary capacity. But, to achieve the objectives one must work with a lot of intelligence and previous knowledge. Nothing should be left to chance, to what the networks want, because the competition will surely be thinking well each of their movements of their relevant marketing strategies.

If customer service technology achieves that closeness, its success would be guaranteed. As a result, many companies would save much of their budget on customer service staff.

Other changes that will help you create a greater impact in finding a balance between audience segmentation and intrusion. In the very near future marketing managers should focus on creating in their advertising the right balance between programmatic strategies and a level of intrusion of messages that customers find uncomfortable.

Making these changes in advertising can reverse the increase in commercial ad blocks. For this, it is necessary to invest in better formats to strengthen a proactive link with the consumer, as well as analyze the real reasons why consumers block ads.

Just as no sports team comes up with a foot on the court without having prepared before, the ventures must also prepare themselves, work on the aforementioned marketing concepts and put goals in the market.

Equal Work For Women, NOW!

Women make up more than 50 percent of the world’s population, but contribute only 37 percent of the world’s GDP and represent only 39 percent of the workforce. If each country only manages to match the country in its region that has done the best in terms of gender parity at work, estimates that in 2025 the world GDP could increase by 11%. It is wrong, then, to pose the challenge of reducing (or closing) the gender gap in work as an ethical imperative only: governments and businesses must understand that this goal is also profitable.


Women lack decent jobs and adequate work environments, this causes their income to decrease and they do not have access to products and services that are of basic need for their families apart from food, for example, health services such as dentist in Mexico or even surgical operations.

One of the key factors to address to close or reduce the gap concerns the horizontal segmentation of labor markets. This translates into the existence of sectors integrated mainly by women, where low quality occupations are common.


At a global level, the sectors where women are disproportionately represented are, unfortunately, sectors of lower productivity, such as agriculture. Also, in the most productive sectors, such as commercial services, they are underrepresented. In Mexico, 86.5% of the people who perform domestic work, 74% of people who do the teaching work and 71% who perform social services and health are women. On the other hand only 6.6% of those who perform construction work, 7.2% of those who perform mining work and 7.7% of those who do fishing work are.

This is compounded by another phenomenon of segmentation, but now vertical: women in general occupy middle or low positions in the hierarchy and their presence in management positions is scarce. In our country only 21% of positions with relevant decision making are occupied by women (usually in the public sector).


Likewise, our country has the sad mark of appearing in the ranking equal salaries of men and women (with equivalent jobs) in position 131 of 145. The female hourly wage is lower than the male by 17.4%, a gap that increases with age, and is especially evident in women with postgraduate and master’s degrees (32.1%).

The above data are not auspicious, and will not be corrected only through legislative initiatives. It is important that civil society commits to work towards change, that companies re-evaluate their recruitment and promotion policies and that schools take note and become drivers of appropriate work trajectories for their students.


For this, it is key that all workers, employers, actors of the political world, state and private, are convinced that the call is not only to be “in solidarity” with women, but to become part of a strategy of rational, efficient and effective development.

How to get out of debt

Be Honest With Your Finances

The first thing you have to do, and that is a great help to start improving your finances, is to allocate only part of your income for the payment of debts. It is advisable that you consider 30% of your income for that concept. You never have to get into unnecessary debt, just as a debt can come from any side and not be prepared in advance we must all have money saved emergency, like for example a dentist in Tijuana if you need root canals. Paying a larger amount will generate economic difficulties, restlessness, anxiety among other health problems. Remember that it is very important that you stay healthy, both physically and mentally, so that you can produce the necessary money that allows you to get out of your complicated situation.

Order Your Debts

Once you have decided the amount that you will allocate for the monthly payment, you must order all your debts. It is very likely that you are indebted to different banks, credit cards, personal loans or any other kind. Order the data, be clear to whom you owe and how much. With this information it is advisable that you ask a financial institution to help you unify loans. This means that the bank generates a new loan to pay all the debts contracted and only one obligation that can even have a longer term, a fee that adjusts to what you are earning for the payment and a better rate is pending. of interest.

If necessary, refinance

If you have not been able to unify the debts with a bank, another viable option is to refinance each of them independently. In general, creditors are interested in paying them, so they are the first interested in helping you improve the conditions so that you can pay without problems. Explain the situation and negotiate longer debt terms, whose installments are adjusted to the amount of 30% of your income.

Focus on amortization, not interest

Many times, people make the mistake of paying the minimum fee of a credit card, in order to obtain greater availability of cash in the month. Tremendous error. By paying the minimum fee, we are only paying the interest incurred, so the debt remains the same month after month. To get out of debt it is necessary that the greater amount of the quota is destined to the amortization of the debt in order to reduce it in the shortest time.

Limit your expenses

Learning to prioritize expenses is vital to enjoy good financial health, in this sense, learn how to calculate your monthly expenses. You have to be very disciplined in handling your money and make the necessary effort that allows you to have a greater availability of cash to cover your monthly budget. Prioritize your purchases, spend less and decrease your exits and leisure expenses.

If you put these tips into practice to get out of debt, I assure you that your financial situation will improve in the short term. Learning how to get out of debt requires you to achieve a series of financial habits, a little patience and a lot of discipline so that you can achieve your goals.


Formas de ahorrar dinero y ayudar al planeta

Con tantos cambios de temperatura, desastres naturales y especies de animales que ya han llegado a la extinción, ya es momento para detenernos un momento y meditar cómo nuestras acciones impactan en el planeta y, lo que es más importante, qué podemos hacer para reducir nuestra huella de carbono y mejorar nuestro medio ambiente. Porque, seamos sinceros, este es nuestro hogar y lo será para nuestros hijos y nietos y por más investigaciones que hagan los científicos en el espacio exterior, ahora mismo la tierra es el único lugar que tenemos. Así es que si todos ponemos nuestro granito de arena, seguramente veremos resultados pronto, a continuación te daremos unas ideas para contribuir a ayudar al planeta que al mismo tiempo te ayudarán a ahorrar mucho dinero.

Optar por energías limpias

Los paneles solares en Tijuana son un sistema que produce una energía más verde y que al mismo tiempo se ahorran los aumentos de los precios de la energía. Pero lo que necesita saber antes de instalar un sistema focoitovoltaico solar (PV) en su techo es que los paneles solares funcionan mejor cuando están orientados hacia el norte, apuntando directamente al sol, en un ángulo óptimo y no bloqueado por árboles o sombreado. La eficacia de los paneles solares también depende del lugar donde usted viva y del clima.

Comprar cosas usadas

Antiguamente los muebles o cosas que compraban antes duraban mucho tiempo y ahora con los cambios constantes en la moda, la gente cambia de muebles o ropa continuamente no porque ya no sirvan, si no por que han pasado de “moda”. En vez de consumir más cosas, por qué no buscar en las tiendas de segunda mano y las ventas de garaje muebles o ropa que necesites, vas a ver que puede ser muy divertido, y encuentras grandes ofertas en cosas que son prácticamente nuevas o apenas utilizadas. Al comprar productos usados, también reduce las cosas que terminan en los vertederos y no está apoyando las industrias intensivas en energía y agua, como las industrias del vestido.

Andar en bicicleta o caminar

Claro, esto no siempre se puede hacer, si vas a distancias muy largas, en ese caso trate de utilizar el transporte público, pero si vas a ir a un lugar que estar cerca, camina o ve en bicicleta, no solo ahorrará dinero en gasolina, sino que también le hará bien a tu salud y a tu físico. Y si todo le queda relativamente cerca y no lo necesitas puedes deshacerte de su automóvil así ahorra en pagos de automóviles, gasolina y seguro de automóvil.