Expo Events To Buy Local

Sometimes we can live our entire life in a city and we will never end up knowing it, that’s why in order to let people know about all the services, suppliers, brands and companies that exist in the area from food to dentists in Tijuana Mexio, this Expo Eventos BC Consume Local in the CECUT, where through conferences several thematic ones related to one of the most important industries and that greater economic loss leaves in the city were approached.

The general coordinator of the event, said that several stands were placed with proposals on facilities, real estate, weddings, gastronomy, crafts and all those that make possible any type of event, from flower shop, health and beauty, who will be offering their services and products.

He also indicated that the event has 2 cultural stages with ten local bands that will liven up the atmosphere on Saturday and ten on Sunday, where there will be the presence of personalities from Mexico City; as well as in the second scenario will be local bands and dances, with the intention of reactivating the culture.

In the Federico Campbell Room, he mentioned, there will be 14 conferences, each of them offering a specific theme for the realization of any type of events such as advertising in mass events, sound, audio production, cultural events and productions, philosophies of success, and neurolinguistic programs of the culture and attitude of an entrepreneur.

He explained that this Sunday will have the participation of the Audio Technical Coordinator of the Cervantino Festival, Federico Torres with the talk ‘Production and Coordination of Audios for Music Festivals, who will present how the whole technical area of ​​audio should be shaped; and the Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, talks about ‘Being Emotionally Creative’, focused on entrepreneurs who want to start a business or a brand.

Throughout the event, he stressed that the presence of the Ministry of Economy will be held in a pavilion where officials will talk about the support schemes for entrepreneurs, but also, the Tourism and Convention Committee of Tijuana will be bringing the tourism offer of the region closer, this in order to publicize the benefits of the city.

Formal sale of cars drops

Not all businesses are rising like the dental clinics in Tijuana, the sale of cars is decreasing and it all started due to the large number of irregular cars that are in the streets of Tijuana, that’s why the car trade industry has faced a decrease in its sales, said the Canaco Automotive Group.

The president of the group, denounced that these cars continue to enter the city in a massive way by customs, a fact that has harmed them.

Sales have dropped by 80%, several businesses have gone to informality for the same reason, they force us to make those kinds of movements, he revealed.

For his part, the secretary of the same organization, warned that in recent weeks the business of selling rubber has proliferated, two weeks ago a person was selling rubber in the State Government, lacking respect to the same government, being a collection box different.

However, he reaffirmed that despite all the harsh situations they face, the guild of car sales is still in force, although there is still a lot to do to take their merchandise to the public in Baja California.

Finally, he confirmed that the informal sale of automobiles has grown a lot in the streets, and most of them are vehicles prior to 2006, which prevents them from being legally imported.

On the other hand, the economic crisis that is experienced in the country has also decreased sales in over-wheeled markets located in the city by up to 40%, said the president of the Single Front of Over-the-Counter Markets.

Unfortunately the economy is the main cause of this, unfortunately we have fallen into a national crisis and this has affected all the tenants, he said.

In spite of the affectations that the merchants have had, he reaffirmed that people continue to buy in these places as it is a cheap option to purchase products from the basic basket.

One of the best options we have is the market on wheels, in fact they can buy very good quality items at very low prices; is one of the main options within the popular sector, although sales have fallen, we are the best option they have to make their purchases; We are around 20 or 30% below the regular price, he concluded.