Reasons to Remodel Your House Cheaply

One of the safest investments you can make is to buy a house, regardless of whether it is new or used in good condition. But there comes a time when the family grows and you need more space or you just want it to be renewed, that’s when it’s urgent to put a little hand on it. It can also be an option, albeit a little more extreme, to move to a house for rent in Baja Rosarito Realty and start a new project from scratch.

But if you do not want to do something so radical you can invest in a good change and create positive things. If you are thinking of expanding, remodeling or building an extra space for your house, here are the reasons for you to cheer:

You increase its value: it is a safe way to increase the sale price of your home. According to experts in the real estate market, remodeling can increase the value of a property by up to 25%. So it’s a clear opportunity to continue growing your investment.

Comfort: if you are thinking of changing something, it is because it is no longer functional for your family. A new room, extending a room or any improvement you make to your home optimizes the space and adapts to the lifestyle.

Less fixes: especially in used houses when the materials are already too long and have damage. For example, the pipes, electrical connections, floors, humidity and all those details that you are going to have to fix often. Remodeling and completely changing these types of materials gives the house a modern look but also new materials that can last for many years without repair.

Satisfaction: nothing better than having your beautiful house, seeing how the spaces are transformed and that it reflects your personality. Remember that it is your space, the place where you relax and receive your family and friends.

Think in a easy and safe way to remodel your home. It is a mortgage loan, which allows you to remodel, expand or improve your property, or the one you want to buy. It has very good benefits such as fixed monthly payments, advance payments without penalty, the term of your credit can decrease if you pay punctually, the interest is tax deductible, the interest rate is fixed and you have free unemployment insurance.

Price Psychology

3 price strategies based on psychology. They are valid both for companies and for anyone who wants to sell something, launch a new product or negotiate the sale of a property. Sometimes it is not only important to look for the best prices in things also in services, to look for the best prices is difficult, but if it is a low cost dental implants opportunity in Tijuana with Bartell Dental you have to take advantage of the situation for your benefit.

Here we will learn how to put a price on things to maximize the benefit.

Step 1: Determine the price
Large companies have an advantage. They can afford the best of the best in marketing research (joint analysis, for example) to find the optimal price for their products. Small businesses do not have that luxury. That’s where psychology comes in.

According to research on behavior and knowledge, certain prices are more effective than others. Even if they do not find the exact optimum, any business can make small-albeit powerful-adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of its price. And free. In this section we will learn how the public processes the numerical values (and how to adjust the price figures accordingly).

Strategy: Use an attractive price
During the last two decades, the world of marketing has fallen into the hands of attractive prices: those that end in 9, 99 or 95.

Strategy: Use the right amount of fluency
When determining the figures of your price, you should also consider how fluid the process is, the ease with which the information is processed. We can infer certain characteristics about a price, based on the ease of the process.

Tactic 2: Use an appropriate rounding
One aspect to consider is the rounding in the price. Round prices – which are processed with ease – work best in emotional purchases. When customers can process the price quickly, the price “seems fair.”

Clients need to invest more mental resources to process prices without rounding. So those prices seem more suitable for rational purchases.

In spite of that direct evidence, a warning: even if the context of purchase is emotional, you have to avoid rounded intervals. The public assumes that those prices are artificially inflated, so where does rounding help? Rather it serves to know when to add cents to your price.

If the purchase is emotional, then remove the cents.
If the purchase is rational, add cents.

Tactic 3: Choose numbers with few syllables
Our brain uses more resources to process more extensive phonetically prices. We use more mental resources, we falsely infer that those prices are also more expensive. The counter is more important. The public perceives that the price is lower if it contains few syllables.

They found a positive relationship between syllabic length and perceived magnitude. Even if the two prices have the same length in writing, people perceive the longer price as a higher price.

Why you need to speak spanish if you want to find a job

Learning Spanish is fashionable. And it is that this Romance language coming from the vulgar Latin and of deep European roots, can presume to be being studied at present by more than 21 million students. It is the second most spoken language in the world and official in more than 30 different countries. There is no city in the world, where there is not someone studying the language.

Apart from that you may like the language, online Spanish classes will help you learn what is considered the perfect Spanish and be able to apply for job offers around the world. These are just some of the benefits of learning Spanish to find a job.

It is spoken by 585 million inhabitants around the world and the number does not stop growing. Do you still think that learning Spanish does not help?

Some of the powers with the best growth prospects are in Latin America. Learning Spanish and if you know any other language such as English, French, Chinese, Italian, etc … can help you open doors at work.

Ok, you know English and with this language you could work in one of the great powers of the world, the USA. But did you know that in this country Spanish is increasingly demanded in the Curriculums of future workers?

In the analysis of the world demographic evolution, it has been verified that the proportion of Chinese and English speakers decreases due to reasons of global demography. Those who speak Spanish continue to increase.

Imagine you are a person from the United States and you are studying Spanish. And there you are the only one in your office who knows Spanish. Aspects like these give you an advantage in your work and a position of advantage over the rest of your co-workers.

Learning Spanish offers you the opportunity to choose your work destination: from European Spain with its customs, its sea and its gastronomy to the exoticism of a country in Latin America and Central America or the great employment possibilities in a country as big as Mexico.

In social networks, Spanish is positioned as the second most spoken language on Twitter. It also has more than 80 million speakers on Facebook. And both social networks, there are many offers of employment and valuable information that demonstrates the benefits of learning Spanish to find employment.

Make your business achieve a greater impact

We all want our target audience to know us and be able to generate more sales but to make all this happen, we must have a good view of the consumer and a consistent brand experience, which will require new ideas, considerable time and investment, the Mexico Dental Network had a big change in sales by just updating their advertising..

Advertisers and their agencies should more widely mix their audience data based on brand affinity, interests and demographics. As well as they must create more synergy of media. Marketing professionals will immediately face the growing synergy of media and their potential to maximize the impact of the brand and sales.

Social networks have imposed a world where marketing is more democratic, since it does not lean too much on budgetary capacity. But, to achieve the objectives one must work with a lot of intelligence and previous knowledge. Nothing should be left to chance, to what the networks want, because the competition will surely be thinking well each of their movements of their relevant marketing strategies.

If customer service technology achieves that closeness, its success would be guaranteed. As a result, many companies would save much of their budget on customer service staff.

Other changes that will help you create a greater impact in finding a balance between audience segmentation and intrusion. In the very near future marketing managers should focus on creating in their advertising the right balance between programmatic strategies and a level of intrusion of messages that customers find uncomfortable.

Making these changes in advertising can reverse the increase in commercial ad blocks. For this, it is necessary to invest in better formats to strengthen a proactive link with the consumer, as well as analyze the real reasons why consumers block ads.

Just as no sports team comes up with a foot on the court without having prepared before, the ventures must also prepare themselves, work on the aforementioned marketing concepts and put goals in the market.

Equal Work For Women, NOW!

Women make up more than 50 percent of the world’s population, but contribute only 37 percent of the world’s GDP and represent only 39 percent of the workforce. If each country only manages to match the country in its region that has done the best in terms of gender parity at work, estimates that in 2025 the world GDP could increase by 11%. It is wrong, then, to pose the challenge of reducing (or closing) the gender gap in work as an ethical imperative only: governments and businesses must understand that this goal is also profitable.


Women lack decent jobs and adequate work environments, this causes their income to decrease and they do not have access to products and services that are of basic need for their families apart from food, for example, health services such as dentist in Mexico or even surgical operations.

One of the key factors to address to close or reduce the gap concerns the horizontal segmentation of labor markets. This translates into the existence of sectors integrated mainly by women, where low quality occupations are common.


At a global level, the sectors where women are disproportionately represented are, unfortunately, sectors of lower productivity, such as agriculture. Also, in the most productive sectors, such as commercial services, they are underrepresented. In Mexico, 86.5% of the people who perform domestic work, 74% of people who do the teaching work and 71% who perform social services and health are women. On the other hand only 6.6% of those who perform construction work, 7.2% of those who perform mining work and 7.7% of those who do fishing work are.

This is compounded by another phenomenon of segmentation, but now vertical: women in general occupy middle or low positions in the hierarchy and their presence in management positions is scarce. In our country only 21% of positions with relevant decision making are occupied by women (usually in the public sector).


Likewise, our country has the sad mark of appearing in the ranking equal salaries of men and women (with equivalent jobs) in position 131 of 145. The female hourly wage is lower than the male by 17.4%, a gap that increases with age, and is especially evident in women with postgraduate and master’s degrees (32.1%).

The above data are not auspicious, and will not be corrected only through legislative initiatives. It is important that civil society commits to work towards change, that companies re-evaluate their recruitment and promotion policies and that schools take note and become drivers of appropriate work trajectories for their students.


For this, it is key that all workers, employers, actors of the political world, state and private, are convinced that the call is not only to be “in solidarity” with women, but to become part of a strategy of rational, efficient and effective development.

How to get out of debt

Be Honest With Your Finances

The first thing you have to do, and that is a great help to start improving your finances, is to allocate only part of your income for the payment of debts. It is advisable that you consider 30% of your income for that concept. You never have to get into unnecessary debt, just as a debt can come from any side and not be prepared in advance we must all have money saved emergency, like for example a dentist in Tijuana if you need root canals. Paying a larger amount will generate economic difficulties, restlessness, anxiety among other health problems. Remember that it is very important that you stay healthy, both physically and mentally, so that you can produce the necessary money that allows you to get out of your complicated situation.

Order Your Debts

Once you have decided the amount that you will allocate for the monthly payment, you must order all your debts. It is very likely that you are indebted to different banks, credit cards, personal loans or any other kind. Order the data, be clear to whom you owe and how much. With this information it is advisable that you ask a financial institution to help you unify loans. This means that the bank generates a new loan to pay all the debts contracted and only one obligation that can even have a longer term, a fee that adjusts to what you are earning for the payment and a better rate is pending. of interest.

If necessary, refinance

If you have not been able to unify the debts with a bank, another viable option is to refinance each of them independently. In general, creditors are interested in paying them, so they are the first interested in helping you improve the conditions so that you can pay without problems. Explain the situation and negotiate longer debt terms, whose installments are adjusted to the amount of 30% of your income.

Focus on amortization, not interest

Many times, people make the mistake of paying the minimum fee of a credit card, in order to obtain greater availability of cash in the month. Tremendous error. By paying the minimum fee, we are only paying the interest incurred, so the debt remains the same month after month. To get out of debt it is necessary that the greater amount of the quota is destined to the amortization of the debt in order to reduce it in the shortest time.

Limit your expenses

Learning to prioritize expenses is vital to enjoy good financial health, in this sense, learn how to calculate your monthly expenses. You have to be very disciplined in handling your money and make the necessary effort that allows you to have a greater availability of cash to cover your monthly budget. Prioritize your purchases, spend less and decrease your exits and leisure expenses.

If you put these tips into practice to get out of debt, I assure you that your financial situation will improve in the short term. Learning how to get out of debt requires you to achieve a series of financial habits, a little patience and a lot of discipline so that you can achieve your goals.


Formas de ahorrar dinero y ayudar al planeta

Con tantos cambios de temperatura, desastres naturales y especies de animales que ya han llegado a la extinción, ya es momento para detenernos un momento y meditar cómo nuestras acciones impactan en el planeta y, lo que es más importante, qué podemos hacer para reducir nuestra huella de carbono y mejorar nuestro medio ambiente. Porque, seamos sinceros, este es nuestro hogar y lo será para nuestros hijos y nietos y por más investigaciones que hagan los científicos en el espacio exterior, ahora mismo la tierra es el único lugar que tenemos. Así es que si todos ponemos nuestro granito de arena, seguramente veremos resultados pronto, a continuación te daremos unas ideas para contribuir a ayudar al planeta que al mismo tiempo te ayudarán a ahorrar mucho dinero.

Optar por energías limpias

Los paneles solares en Tijuana son un sistema que produce una energía más verde y que al mismo tiempo se ahorran los aumentos de los precios de la energía. Pero lo que necesita saber antes de instalar un sistema focoitovoltaico solar (PV) en su techo es que los paneles solares funcionan mejor cuando están orientados hacia el norte, apuntando directamente al sol, en un ángulo óptimo y no bloqueado por árboles o sombreado. La eficacia de los paneles solares también depende del lugar donde usted viva y del clima.

Comprar cosas usadas

Antiguamente los muebles o cosas que compraban antes duraban mucho tiempo y ahora con los cambios constantes en la moda, la gente cambia de muebles o ropa continuamente no porque ya no sirvan, si no por que han pasado de “moda”. En vez de consumir más cosas, por qué no buscar en las tiendas de segunda mano y las ventas de garaje muebles o ropa que necesites, vas a ver que puede ser muy divertido, y encuentras grandes ofertas en cosas que son prácticamente nuevas o apenas utilizadas. Al comprar productos usados, también reduce las cosas que terminan en los vertederos y no está apoyando las industrias intensivas en energía y agua, como las industrias del vestido.

Andar en bicicleta o caminar

Claro, esto no siempre se puede hacer, si vas a distancias muy largas, en ese caso trate de utilizar el transporte público, pero si vas a ir a un lugar que estar cerca, camina o ve en bicicleta, no solo ahorrará dinero en gasolina, sino que también le hará bien a tu salud y a tu físico. Y si todo le queda relativamente cerca y no lo necesitas puedes deshacerte de su automóvil así ahorra en pagos de automóviles, gasolina y seguro de automóvil.

Why Oil Tank Removing and Soil Testing NJ companies Protect Home Values

If you are fortunate enough to be a homeowner in New Jersey, then you know that protecting your home’s value in this competitive market NJ has is paramount to safeguarding what is likely your biggest investment.

One of the greatest killers to a home’s value in New Jersey is when buried oil tanks leak and cause ground contamination. When this happens, calling an oil tank removal and soil testing company in New Jersey is necessary to protecting your property’s value and preventing further chaos from destroying your land.

How does Oil Tank Removal Work?

If you think you might have a buried oil tank on your property, the first thing to do is call a NJ oil tank detection service provider to locate the oil tank. Before it can be removed, it must be found. Oil tank removal experts use specialty equipment to detect buried oil tanks. It is always best to hire a company that dos both oil tank inspection and removal services. Otherwise, you wind up paying more for two separate services, and a delay is expected.

If You Have an Oil Tank, Get it Removed Before You Sell Your Home

Just having a certificate saying that your home’s property is free from buried oil tanks will help you get full asking price for the sale of your home, or even more. At the turn of the century buried oil tanks were common sources for heating homes. However, their life expectancy is about 100 years. After that time the tank begins disintegrating releasing petroleum and other chemicals into the ground. This can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in soil remediation services. No homeowner wants to run the risk of buying a home that may have a buried oil tank. This is why listing your home with a certificate attesting to an oil tank-free zone is valuable to a home’s sale.

If you Have an Oil Take, Call for Soil Testing Services

If your property does have an oil tank, not only will you need to get it removed as soon as possible, you will also need the best soil testing NJ has to offer. The most highly qualified companies perform soil testing around underground oil tanks as an important task to determine if the soil has been contaminated, by what chemicals, and what methods will be required to clean the soil. A soil sample will be taken from various areas around the oil tank where the status of the soil will be determined.

Untreated contaminated soil can grow from being a bad problem to a disastrous one. When contaminated soil from a buried oil tank is left ignored, the ground can become so toxic that no grass or any lifeform will ever sprout again. This can kill your home’s value by as much as 20% or even more based on the neighborhood.
Do the Smart Thing and Call a Professional Oil Tank Removal NJ Company

Make sure you call a professional oil tank detention, removal and soil remediation company to come out and assess your home’s property. If you plan to put it on the market, you will want your land to have a clean bill of health first!

Beneficios de utilizar un coworking

Trabajar desde su casa sin duda puede ser genial. Es fácil. No hay viajes diarios. Pero aunque parezca increíble recibir llamadas en pijama, también existen algunos desafíos para trabajar desde casa o en una cafetería local. Problemas tales como: colaborar con un grupo en persona, necesitar interactuar con otro ser humano o simplemente tener una imagen mas profesional. Por eso a continuación te damos algunas razones por las que su startup debe elegir el coworking:

Ahorre dinero
Los espacios de coworking ofrecen la flexibilidad de los arrendamientos de mes a mes a corto plazo, lo que reduce los costos iniciales que se habrían gastado en contratos de arrendamiento a largo plazo comunes en las oficinas. En cambio, puede reinvertir en su producto, en contratar a un nuevo proveedor de SEO en Tijuana Mexico o en otras áreas del negocio que impulsan el crecimiento.

Utiliza su tiempo sabiamente
Al trabajar en una startup, el tiempo es tu recurso más valioso. Entre mantener contentos a los clientes, establecer objetivos, viajar a eventos de la industria, contratar personal y reunirse con inversores, su equipo lleva muchos sombreros y, a menudo, no tiene suficientes horas en el día. Lo último que su pequeño equipo necesita es pasar tiempo manteniendo una oficina.

Los espacios de coworking ofrecen una comodidad sin igual. Su equipo puede ingresar a la oficina, tomar una taza de café, encender sus computadoras portátiles y comenzar a trabajar de inmediato. No se preocupe por quién va a comprar más café o llenar el barril. Dedique su valioso tiempo a las cosas que importan, como hacer crecer su negocio.

Aproveche el networking
Los espacios de coworking brindan oportunidades inmediatas de colaboración y networking. Ningún otro lugar ofrece el entorno para cumplir con los líderes de pensamiento en todas las industrias y con una variedad de conjuntos de habilidades. Los intercambios e interacciones que tienen lugar en la cafetería o los eventos de networking son enormemente beneficiosos para las startups, ya que estas nuevas conexiones pueden generar nuevas ideas y proporcionar comentarios instantáneos sobre su negocio que no pueden obtenerse en otro lugar, especialmente en una cafetería o en su oficina.

Si eres un emprendedor, ya tienes una visión diferente del mundo y piensas que traes algo valioso al mercado en el que estás interrumpiendo. Los espacios de coworking se han convertido en los nuevos centros de innovación en los que las startups de las primeras etapas pueden prosperar en un entorno de profesionales de ideas afines.

Acceso al espacio de oficina
En esencia, los espacios de coworking le brindan acceso a un espacio de oficina llave en mano y libre de preocupaciones. Los espacios de coworking proporcionan la infraestructura de oficina que necesita para ser productivo y realizar su trabajo, incluyendo WiFi rápido, salas de conferencias, espacio para reuniones, impresión, y más. Este es un gran beneficio para una startup de fase inicial, ya que no tiene que perder tiempo configurando y manteniendo una oficina o luchando por puntos de venta en una cafetería.

Atrae talento
Como startup, busca contratar talentos excepcionales en un mercado competitivo. Aproveche los diversos beneficios de convertirse en miembro de un espacio de coworking y utilícelos como una herramienta de reclutamiento. Los beneficios como el café ilimitado, el té, la cerveza, el vino, las salas de bienestar y los sillones de masaje son excelentes servicios que ofrecen los espacios de coworking. Combine eso con descuentos en todo, desde membresías en gimnasios, estadías en hoteles, hasta eventos deportivos, y su empresa ofrece al instante un increíble conjunto de beneficios que pueden ayudar a inclinar el talento a su favor.

Debe elegir un espacio de coworking que se adapte a su cultura y necesidades. Es posible que su startup tenga que organizar reuniones frecuentes con los clientes, y podría priorizar más tiempo de sala de conferencia y una excelente ubicación, en comparación con algunos de los otros beneficios que quizás no necesite. Averigua con qué tipo de personas estarías compartiendo el espacio y si es una buena opción cultural para tu equipo.

Habits that will change your life

Life is not easy, but with proper habits (just like going to the dentist in Tijuana), you can succeed even if you find yourself in the worst situations.

That is why whatever the challenge you have in your life right now, these habits will help you to be strong, change the way you see things and make wise decisions.

Be emotionally strong in life:
There are habits that you can develop that can help you learn how to be strong.

Learn to control your emotions
Since we can not control the emotions of others or what you can do or say, we can only control ourselves. If you know how to control and do not allow anger or frustration to take over the situation, you have won a great battle.

Have confidence in yourself
Many still do not believe that our mind and what we believe about ourselves can affect our lives. Do not get confused, having confidence does not mean bragging about your possessions or your appearance, it means rather that they value other people but also know what they are worth and they are sure that they can do things well.

Know how to forgive
One of the most toxic and dangerous feelings there is that does not let you move forward is hatred and resentment. When you learn to forgive, and more importantly you forget the negative situations, you live a happier and more relaxed life, not only is it good for your health but it will also allow you to keep going focused 100% on your projects.

Be positive
This quality is closely related to the points we touched previously and although it seems that there are people who are born feel positive and others who do not, the truth is a quality that can be cultivated and it is never too late to create it, it is like a muscle, you just have to exercising it. When you face an unpleasant situation, instead of complaining, look for ways you can improve or you can take advantage, remember that like everything, at first it’s never easy but with practice, those habits will be part of your successful personality.

The doubt of starting your own business

If you are one of those who are sure they want to start, you want to be your own boss and are willing to work long hours and invest a lot of effort and capital to get ahead, but the only problem is that you do not know what you want your business to be, maybe they bring you many things like sports or video games but you do not have to make your hobbies a business. Do not be frustrated all the entrepreneurs have gone through that and then we will show you a small collection of tips that have served many successful entrepreneurs such as the dentist in juarez mexico.

Find your passion
Everyone thinks that your passion is something you are born with and something that you are sure of from a very young age and although in some cases this is the case, most of them discover their passion with the passage of time and sometimes they make a mistake. It turns out that not because we like something very much means that we are good at it. That’s where you have to find something that you like and be good at that or at least want to spend many hours of practice until finally being an expert. Also if you are good at something you do not like very much you can change your perspective of seeing things and maybe you end up liking it.

Think of those skills that you have that could solve a problem, or that could satisfy a need in the world.

Do not get carried away by the opinion of others
It is good to listen to the advice of friends and family, but sometimes they are usually negative, if you are totally sure that you want to do something, do it, maybe you fail but you will learn much more than all those people who do not dare to try it.

So if you want to start you should know that everyone will have an opinion and many times it will be negative.

Take advantage of your situation

This is a very important point for an entrepreneur, if you are a pessimistic and negative person better stay at your job, when you are an entrepreneur, not everything will go as you want but you should look for opportunities in your problems.
For example, take advantage of the tools you have in your work, it is very likely that they will help you when planning how your company will work, look at what is done well in your work and what is done wrong and all those experiences will help you to prosper .

Also if you are a student, do not think that you are in a bad situation, if not the opposite, you have great support with your teachers that can give you free tutoring to make your business a success, as well as making use of the incubators of business with your university and business fairs that many schools and even your colleagues want to be your future partners.

Never stop learning

Take advantage of your free time to read books about business organization, administration, creativity or anything else related to your business idea. And do not stay alone with books now you can find information in many ways, podcasts, online courses, face-to-face workshops, etc. Remember not only focus on learning, which is very important, but also remember to do networking, that is, meet people who want to be part of your project, who want to invest or simply that they can advise and support.

Logistics and Commerce Forum in Tijuana

To keep us informed and up-to-date we look for events in which we can learn and as in other years, BC Logistics seeks to provide the regional and national business community with an ideal setting and high added value to know first-hand the potential, advances, best practices , challenges and trends in logistics, transport and foreign trade, which allow the strengthening and competitiveness of the different productive sectors in the market, even benefiting the Tijuana Mexico dentists and all this has repercussions at a regional, national and international level.

And as all the best information comes from expert and reliable sources, that is why the event expects to have the active participation of executives, executives and professionals responsible for the areas of distribution, logistics, foreign trade, purchasing, operations and transportation of the large, medium and small companies, logistics operators, transport companies, university institutions, government entities and other actors linked to the supply chain.

In this third edition the following panels will be developed: Pacific Alliance: an alternative to the diversification of markets. The Pacific Alliance without the US it is an alternative to the diversification of the international markets of Baja, and the Port of Ensenada, with its maritime connectivity, the ideal link to reach them.

In addition, a current and interesting topic on the NAFTA in the Trump era will be touched: what can we expect? Lines of negotiation, changes in the rules of origin, linking of markets and transformations of the financial system.

Aerial connectivity: Tijuana, nascent hub of the northwest. The increasing air connectivity of the Tijuana Airport and its high industrial level generate an environment conducive to the participation of an air cargo operator that can capitalize on the existing infrastructure and take advantage of competitive costs in the movement of cargo in passenger aircraft.

Hydrocarbon Logistics: The energy solution for BC. The new challenge of storing and distributing fuels at competitive costs is an area of ​​investment opportunity for private groups. Having economies of scale will be a key factor to make the investments profitable and comply with a value proposal, where rail transport will be a key link for competitiveness.

Recognize empowered women

Nothing excites more than seeing women who for their careers are inspiration and example to follow for other women and is that the role of women in society is becoming increasingly relevant and their performance is recognized in various areas of society for its arduous I work some with family and others going in another opinion, some with abuse and damage have required great effort to get where they are, so the importance of recognizing those who have been forging such an important advance in the city, from women teachers, doctors to the very good dentists in Tijuana have all put the harvest to grow the city.

Because we have thousands of women wondering the president of the foundation Más Mujeres de Poder, the president of the Foundation, said that in response to this important work this year, 10 women from the region will be awarded, through their professional career they have managed to stand out performing tasks that until a few years ago were exclusive to men.

At the beginning we had a list of 36 women from Tijuana and San Diego and although it was very complicated to reduce the list to only 10 women, we are sure that all women who know the trajectories and stories of the women we will recognize, will be motivated to undertake or reaffirm their professional empowerment.

He also announced the names of the women who will be recognized during the gala dinner that will take place at the beautiful and fancy Terrace of the Cosmopolitan Tower.

Finally, he mentioned that as part of his commitment to Tijuana society, part of the proceeds during the gala dinner will be allocated to the training workshops for productive projects that DIF Municipal carries out.

But even if you have a woman in your house who is dedicated to being a housewife, we invite you to premiere, take her to dinner and buy her a nice gift as they also promote the city, work just as hard as any another professional and is worthy of congratulating.

Agreement between cities opens a window of opportunities

Human beings are social beings, we work better in teams and that is also applicable on a larger scale such as support between cities and countries, a clear example we have in the border cities. The mayor of Tijuana highlighted the importance of a mega region like Tijuana-San Diego in economic development, since it is a great window of opportunity, as it borders the state of California, one of the strongest economies in the United States and the Caribbean. whole world. For such purposes, the authorities of both countries signed a collaboration agreement to work together on infrastructure issues since not only many Mexicans travel to the United States for travel and business, but also many Americans come to Mexico for leisure and even for Medical treatments such as the famous weight loss surgery in Mexico.

The municipal president of Tijuana, said that initiating the California Route with the exhibition is a clear sign of respect for this border city, where a century is reported where events of great importance for the country were published.

In an interview after the inauguration of an important and very interesting exhibition in the central courtyard of the municipal palace, the president mentions that having this exhibition is excellent, because it gives us an identity and a sense of belonging, we are very far from Mexico and the one from Tijuana. read the events that marked the country, it is exceptional.

He is also aware of the importance of a mega region like Tijuana-San Diego in economic development and how this location is a great window of opportunity, as it borders with the state of California, one of the strongest economies in the United States and the Caribbean. whole world.

He announced that the authorities of Tijuana and San Diego, due to the geographical position they share, signed a collaboration agreement to work together on infrastructure issues.

We are joined by water, the same beaches, the same air, the water source is the same for both areas and there are thousands and thousands of daily crossings, both pedestrian and vehicular.

Expo Events To Buy Local

Sometimes we can live our entire life in a city and we will never end up knowing it, that’s why in order to let people know about all the services, suppliers, brands and companies that exist in the area from food to dentists in Tijuana Mexio, this Expo Eventos BC Consume Local in the CECUT, where through conferences several thematic ones related to one of the most important industries and that greater economic loss leaves in the city were approached.

The general coordinator of the event, said that several stands were placed with proposals on facilities, real estate, weddings, gastronomy, crafts and all those that make possible any type of event, from flower shop, health and beauty, who will be offering their services and products.

He also indicated that the event has 2 cultural stages with ten local bands that will liven up the atmosphere on Saturday and ten on Sunday, where there will be the presence of personalities from Mexico City; as well as in the second scenario will be local bands and dances, with the intention of reactivating the culture.

In the Federico Campbell Room, he mentioned, there will be 14 conferences, each of them offering a specific theme for the realization of any type of events such as advertising in mass events, sound, audio production, cultural events and productions, philosophies of success, and neurolinguistic programs of the culture and attitude of an entrepreneur.

He explained that this Sunday will have the participation of the Audio Technical Coordinator of the Cervantino Festival, Federico Torres with the talk ‘Production and Coordination of Audios for Music Festivals, who will present how the whole technical area of ​​audio should be shaped; and the Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, talks about ‘Being Emotionally Creative’, focused on entrepreneurs who want to start a business or a brand.

Throughout the event, he stressed that the presence of the Ministry of Economy will be held in a pavilion where officials will talk about the support schemes for entrepreneurs, but also, the Tourism and Convention Committee of Tijuana will be bringing the tourism offer of the region closer, this in order to publicize the benefits of the city.

Formal sale of cars drops

Not all businesses are rising like the dental clinics in Tijuana, the sale of cars is decreasing and it all started due to the large number of irregular cars that are in the streets of Tijuana, that’s why the car trade industry has faced a decrease in its sales, said the Canaco Automotive Group.

The president of the group, denounced that these cars continue to enter the city in a massive way by customs, a fact that has harmed them.

Sales have dropped by 80%, several businesses have gone to informality for the same reason, they force us to make those kinds of movements, he revealed.

For his part, the secretary of the same organization, warned that in recent weeks the business of selling rubber has proliferated, two weeks ago a person was selling rubber in the State Government, lacking respect to the same government, being a collection box different.

However, he reaffirmed that despite all the harsh situations they face, the guild of car sales is still in force, although there is still a lot to do to take their merchandise to the public in Baja California.

Finally, he confirmed that the informal sale of automobiles has grown a lot in the streets, and most of them are vehicles prior to 2006, which prevents them from being legally imported.

On the other hand, the economic crisis that is experienced in the country has also decreased sales in over-wheeled markets located in the city by up to 40%, said the president of the Single Front of Over-the-Counter Markets.

Unfortunately the economy is the main cause of this, unfortunately we have fallen into a national crisis and this has affected all the tenants, he said.

In spite of the affectations that the merchants have had, he reaffirmed that people continue to buy in these places as it is a cheap option to purchase products from the basic basket.

One of the best options we have is the market on wheels, in fact they can buy very good quality items at very low prices; is one of the main options within the popular sector, although sales have fallen, we are the best option they have to make their purchases; We are around 20 or 30% below the regular price, he concluded.

Is Starting a Food Truck Business the Right Move for You?

Ranking in the top five fastest growing small business ventures in 2017, the food truck business is booming. The chances are high that when you exit your favorite museum you will see one parked off to the side of the road, you will see them lined up outside of music festivals, and you will spot them driving through your city selling their faire in high-traffic area. But not just anyone can be a wizard when it comes to turning a profit. First, you must determine if entering the food truck business is the right move for you.

Do You Have the Financing for the Right Food Truck?

The food truck business offers a very low overhead. Your food truck will be the most expensive piece to invest in, and in order to be successful you need to know exactly what kind of food truck to buy and have the financing set in place.

First of all, beware of second-hand food trucks. They are notorious for racking up costly repairs and putting people out of business. Invest more money into fabricating or building a new food truck from a reputable company that offers affordable pricing. In the long run you will save thousands a year and will only need to schedule routine maintenance.

In terms of financing there are many options. You don’t need to approach a food truck company with cash in hand. Banks can offer small business loans or financing options. You can also go to friends and family offering investment opportunities, or look into crowdfunding opportunities through places like Kickstarter or social media.

Do You Have the Right Product for Your Market?

You will need to make sure that your menu fits your local market. For example, if your menu consists of vegan items and you plan to operate in an area where people are blue-collar meat-eaters, you probably won’t keep your head above water. Take a look at your competition, their popularity, what food items customers in your area purchase the most and determine if your menu truly serves them.

Are You Passionate?

If your goal is to simply turn a profit while being your own boss and working in your sandals all day but you really don’t have passion for food or the food truck business, you may want to re-think entering the industry. Food truck customers don’t just buy from businesses that have exciting menus; they buy from the people who cook the food. Your passion is evident in everything form customer interactions, to food preparation, to how you market yourself online. If you lack the passion your customers will notice, and they will take their cash elsewhere.

Do Some Field Research Before the Dive

Before you contact a food truck manufacturer to build your dream, do some research to see if this is truly a move you can make with 100% drive. Go around town and eat at various food trucks; talk to the owners and ask them what they love about running a food truck, talk to their customers and ask them what is important to them as consumers, and consider the time and effort it takes into being truly great. If your heart tells you that the food truck business is the right move for you, seek an education on how to start up the smart way and let your passion shine through with every burger you flip and sushi you roll.

El éxito de las franquicias en mexico

La franquicia está conectada al marco. La mayoría de las franquicias en México no tienen un proceso formal de reunión en el que toman asiento en una mesa larga y conversan con el organismo representativo en busca de ayuda. Una pareja lo hace así, pero hasta donde puedo decir, solo hay un par de asociaciones que lo hacen. La mayoría de las franquicias en México utilizan el procedimiento de investigación como la pieza principal de la reunión. Su método de razonamiento es que si puede tomar la estrategia de investigación, la mejoraría si no estuviera preparado o no después del procedimiento de investigación. Si no está calificado después del examen, considera que no lo tomaría después de una prueba. Esto está conectado a la franquicia, siguiendo el sistema. Aquí hay un procedimiento inespecífico que parece ajustarse generalmente a las asociaciones. Obviamente, cada asociación es algo diferente, pero esto le dará un cuadro básico de lo que puede anticipar. A. Diálogo inicial, como regla con un agente comercial o experto. La inspiración que impulsa esta llamada es que usted dirige sus solicitudes ocultas y el franquiciador elige si usted es el tipo de contendiente con el que tienen que trabajar. También necesita saber si reúne los requisitos para la oficina a los fines del cobro, con el objetivo que también está asegurado en la convocatoria principal. B. Logro de la aplicación. Teniendo en cuenta el objetivo definitivo de adquirir los Documentos de divulgación de franquicias, debe finalizar una aplicación de configuración esencial. Este registro no le obliga a nada, solo le dice a la fundación de su experiencia, fondos, fechas, todo en la organización. De esta forma, pueden verificarlo antes de enviarle materiales selectivos. C. Obtenga y verifique los archivos del establecimiento. En algún momento u otro, obtendrá el paquete FDD o documentos de divulgación de franquicias, estos informes fundamentales contienen enormes medidas de información sobre la asociación, el entendimiento, las necesidades, sus compromisos, sus compromisos, un resumen de empresarios, desilusiones, etcétera. .